Asahi Professional Antibacterial Rubber Cutting Board
Asahi Professional Antibacterial Rubber Cutting Board

Asahi Professional Antibacterial Rubber Cutting Board

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This is the true professional board that has wood ingredients infused with the rubber to created a cutting feedback similar to the traditional wooden cutting board, yet without the normal   

Asahi is one of the two major cutting board manufacturers in Japan, you can find their boards in many professional stores and department stores as well. I bought my first Asahi boards more back in 2009, at the Osaka Station Tokyu Hands and it is still being used everyday.



  • 500mm x 250mm x 15mm
  • 600mm x 330mm x 15mm
  • 750mm x 330mm x 20mm
  • 1000mm x 400mm x 30mm 

There are two major brands in the field of professional cutting boards: Hasagawa and Asahi. Both brands are highly regarded in the field, and trusted by the top sushi chefs. If you have watched the Jiro's Dream of Sushi documentary field, you would have noticed that the cutting boards they use are not wood but synthetic boards. By the look of it, it is from the professional line of Asahi. 

So what is so special about this type of yellowish coloured boards? They are made of high density antibacterial material that is easy to clean and stays hygienic. In NYC, because of the health concerns, all the sushi restaurants are banned from using wooden cutting boards and are only allowed to use boards made of the same material. Unlike wooden boards, which will dish easily over time, these boards will be flat for a long time. While it is dense, it is still made of rubber that will actually hold the edge of your knife longer.

Difference between Asahi and Hasegawa?

First of all, the are both antibacterial, hygienic and gentle to the edge.
  • The construction of Asahi board is a single solid piece of antibacterial rubber, hence longer life
  • Household grade boards are quite thin and subject to slight wrap but will level by itself
  • Flat surface is easier to clean and keep clean, great for those who do not have access to a dishwasher.  
  • Hasegawa is special of its wooden core structure which makes it a lot lighter hence easier to handle, particularly if the board is large. 
  • The wooden structure also keeps the board flat, even after it goes into dishwasher.
  • The rubber material used by Hasegawa is slighter softer therefore more gentle on the knife edge
  • There is texture on the board surface, which provides a slight better contact feedback but also easier to trap dirt and food residue  


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