Gihei ZDP-189 Gyuto 210mm
Gihei ZDP-189 Gyuto 210mm
Gihei ZDP-189 Gyuto 210mm
Gihei ZDP-189 Gyuto 210mm
Gihei ZDP-189 Gyuto 210mm

Gihei ZDP-189 Gyuto 210mm

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Gihei hamono is a small operation based in the famous Sanjo city, Niigata prefecture. The same city that both Hinoura and Shigefusa are located. Unlike most other makers, who normally excel in traditional steel such as the Hitachi white and blue steel, Gihei is keen to explore the newer steel types. Forging the beautiful Sanjo cutting performance with the latest metallurgy technology.



ZDP-189 was a long time favourite steel by the most demanding environments. Over 3% carbon content greatly exceeds its nearest competitors by a large margain resulting in an extreme hardness (over HRC 65) therefore unmatched edge retention. This means the knife will be able to keep its sharpness for a very long period of time, which to many, is particularly important for a day-long shift. Because of such high hardness, the steel is very hard to make, and only very few makers in Japan can master this steel (notably Sukenari), and the supply is very limited.



The knife is a very typical Sanjo iteration. Very thick spine at the heel, with a sharp taper towards a very fine tip. The 50/50 symmetrical wide bevel is ground super thin behind the edge, giving it a very nice food penetration yet excellent food release. The knife also has a very unique profile, with the tip dropped a bit lower than usual, give the knife a very large sweet spot (flat edge), resulting in a great push (pull) putter, which is a very desirable feature by many chefs utilizing push cut more than rocking.

The knife also comes with K&S signature octagonal ebony handle, custom spec, stock price :)






198 g

Total Length

362 mm

Tip to Heel Length

208 mm

Blade Height at Heel

48 mm

Width of Spine Above Heel 

3.2 mm

Width of Spine at Middle of Blade

2.1 mm

Width of Spine at about 1cm From the Tip

0.9 mm 


ZDP-189 core with stainless clad


HRC 65 to 66

Handle Design

K&S Custom handles 



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