Sakai Jikko Akatsuki (晓 "Dawn") Santoku 175 mm
Sakai Jikko Akatsuki (晓 "Dawn") Santoku 175 mm
Sakai Jikko Akatsuki (晓 "Dawn") Santoku 175 mm
Sakai Jikko Akatsuki (晓 "Dawn") Santoku 175 mm
Sakai Jikko Akatsuki (晓 "Dawn") Santoku 175 mm
Sakai Jikko Akatsuki (晓 "Dawn") Santoku 175 mm
Sakai Jikko Akatsuki (晓 "Dawn") Santoku 175 mm

Sakai Jikko Akatsuki (晓 "Dawn") Santoku 175 mm

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About the line: 暁(Akatsuki: Dawnï¼?/span>

This is the line I have been waiting for quite a while. The word Akatsuki (暁)translate to “Dawn”, I gave it the name because this is the first light of the day, resembling the first collaboration between Jikko and K&S. It is a line of double bevel White 2 with iron clad knives, which may sound very “ordinary” at first. I had the same feeling until I actually handled the knife, but the concern was gone immediately after I handled and tested the knife. IMO, the blacksmith Ryoichi Ikeda and the sharper Hirosugu Tosa (both are awarded Dentokogeshi) have combined force to create some really impressive work that I have not seen from Sakai for quite a while.


The F&F

Upon holding the blade, you will immediately notice the level of finish is extremely high for Sakai knives. Firstly, the grinding line is horizontal (which most of us prefer) instead of diagonal pattern that we usually see on Sakai knives.


 (Horizontal grinding line)


Not only finished horizontally, the finish is also super fine. I am not saying the finish is reaching the Shigefusa level but as a standard Kasumi finish, they are certainly some of the highest quality blades from Sakai. I have attached a direct comparison of a Mizuno, and you can see how much finer the finishing grit is.


 (The grinding mark is almost invisible from the Akatsuki)

Apart from this very high level of finishing, I naturally asked the choil and spine to be finished to a level that I am happy with; and a custom K&S handle is also a must for all of my custom lines. In this case, it is an ebony handle with white spacer is the choice of handle. I really like this design because it is somewhat unique yet without the super high cost of the metal spacer (nickel silver is really hard to deal with!).

 The result? A line of seemingly basic knife, with white 2 core and iron clad, is finished to a level that is rarely seen from Sakai.


(Sakai Jikko Akatsuki Gyuto 240mm)


 The Grind

 While F&F only tells about how good a knife looks, I believe most of us really care much about is how well it cuts. This is another big selling point that I want to talk about. The sharpener is a top Sakai master, Hirosugu Tosa. He did an exceptional job on this line not only on the look, but more important on the geometry. Take this 240mm Gyuto for example, standard Sakai profile with the edge length at 232mm (overall length 388mm). The spine doesn’t really have much taper until from midpoint of the spine so it is quite rigid, yet it is ridiculously thin at where it needs to be: about 1.0mm to 1.2mm at 1cm behind the edge with a very gentle convex on both sides of the blade (slightly more on the right hand side). IMO, the sharpener Tosa-san had done an exceptional job on this knife. 


 (Thickness behind the edge)






Total Length


Tip to Heel Length


Blade Height at Heel


Width of Spine Above Heel 


Width of Spine at Middle of Blade


Width of Spine at about 1cm From the Tip



White 2 with iron clad



Handle Design

Octagonal ebony handle with single white spacer

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