Shinko 1000-8000  Full Size Combo Water Stone
Shinko 1000-8000  Full Size Combo Water Stone

Shinko 1000-8000 Full Size Combo Water Stone

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The Shinko sharpening stone is the second iteration of our combination stone line. For our more advanced customers, I think the Naniwa Chosera, Shapton Kuromaku and Suehiro stones are perfectly good but they don’t really offer any “great combination” stones.

Many customers who are new to the world of Japanese kitchen knives, probably spent a couple hundred dollars on a knife, is not ready to spend probably more than $100 for a sharpening stone. While our previous offering caters the budget side but lacks the performance compared to the professional grade Naniwa or Suehiro stones. This posts a slight problem: once a customer become more advanced and looking for new stones, this older double sided budget stone is no longer useful because the lack of performance.

This is the reason for creating the Shinko stone line. I contacted a trusted stone manufacturer in Japan and asked them to give me a couple combination stones that have similar performance to the professional stones and are wallet friendly. The result is a medium size 1000/5000 stone and a full size 1000/8000 stone.


These stones are ceramic stones that cuts very fast, harder compared to the Syousin stones and have great feedback. The 1000 grit is the same on both stones, the 8000 cuts really fast and produces a mirror finish. I love this progression and in fact I use 1K / 8K progression on all the knives that go out of my shop, clients love this refined toothy finish and often ask me my progression. The simple answer is, you are trying to refind a tooth created by the 1000 grit stone to give the edge the ability to grip onto the food. 


Size: 1000/8000 grit, 205mm * 73mm * 35mm 


White, 1000grit, 23mm

Cream, 8000grit, 12mm


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