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Bincho Tanaka: Mastering the Art of Yakitori

Bincho Tanaka: Mastering the Art of Yakitori

James Zhang |

If you're a fan of Japanese cuisine, then you've probably heard of yakitori – a popular dish made of skewered chicken grilled over charcoal. And if you're a true yakitori enthusiast, then you've likely heard of Bincho Tanaka – a renowned yakitori specialist based in the Byron Bay area of Australia.


With over 30 years of experience in the culinary arts, Bincho Tanaka has gained a reputation as one of the best yakitori chefs in the world. He's known for his use of binchotan charcoal, a high-quality Japanese charcoal made from oak wood that burns hotter and longer than regular charcoal, giving the chicken a unique smoky and slightly sweet flavor.

Now, Tanaka is taking his expertise to the next level with a new online course aimed at spreading the culture of yakitori. In this course, participants can learn from Tanaka about the different cuts of chicken, the proper techniques for grilling over binchotan charcoal, and the various seasonings and sauces used in yakitori. With Tanaka's guidance, students can master the art of yakitori and bring the flavors of Japan to their own homes.

And for those who are also interested in getting high-quality binchotan charcoal, Knives and Stones is a trusted supplier for Bincho Tanaka. As a long-time customer of Knives and Stones, Tanaka knows the importance of quality ingredients and tools in creating delicious and authentic dishes like yakitori. To celebrate their collaboration, Knives and Stones is offering a special promotion for their customers – use the coupon code "HIBACHIK&S" for a 10% discount on binchotan charcoal and other supplies for cooking yakitori at home.

Overall, Bincho Tanaka's new online course and the collaboration promotion with Knives and Stones are great opportunities for anyone interested in learning more about the art of yakitori. With Tanaka's expertise and Knives and Stones' high-quality supplies, you can take your yakitori game to the next level and experience the authentic flavors of Japan right in your own home.

You can find out more of his online course here

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