Q: Do I need to pay the Goods and Service Tax (GST)?
A: You will need to pay for the GST only if your shipping address is in Australia. So for example if you are in the States, you won't pay GST.

Q: What method do you use to ship?

A: By default, we ship via AusPost Eparcel for Australian orders. DHL Express for overseas orders, DHL is super fast and traceable all the way along.


Q: How long does it take for my order to arrive?
A: In Australia: 1-2 working days within Sydney; 2-3 days working days for the rest of the east coast. Up to 7 days for the rest of AU. 
For the NA and West Europe, about 3 days via DHL Express. 


Q: Do you offer free shipping?
A: Yes for certain regions and when your knife order is greater than AU$400. The free ship regions include: West Europe, Greater China, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Japan. 

"Knife order" means the knife part of the order, not stones, not cutting boards. You can't just buy a set of Naniwa Chosera and qualify for free shipping.


Q: Why Finland is not part of the free ship country?
A: Under the postal system, Finland was assigned to Russia system and somehow it is classified by DHL as the "Rest of the World" (same price and some inland African country!). Strange but it is what it is, even though Finnair flies everywhere :(


Q: Why Puerto Rico (and similar US territories) are not part of the free ship regions?
A: Again, DHL does their own classifications, and these territories are often classified as the "Rest of the World"



Q: Can I return the knife if I chagned my mine to get a store credit or refund?
A: We do accept return and we have a "no-question-asked" policy. Simple return the knife within 7 days upon receiving the knife. Buyer is responsible for the shipping both ways, and the item should be in a sellable condition. Please pack well. 




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