Ueda Anti-bacterial Rubber Cutting Board 50x25x2cm
Ueda Anti-bacterial Rubber Cutting Board 50x25x2cm

Ueda Anti-bacterial Rubber Cutting Board 50x25x2cm

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Size: 50cm x 25cm x 2cm 

Ueda is a professional cutting board manufacturer from Japan. They are professional line boards offers a large selection of sizes and thickness. From 50cm x 25cm, all the way to 2.4m x 1m. Boards also come with 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm thickness.

So what is so special about this type of yellowish coloured boards? They are made of high density antibacterial material that is easy to clean and stays hygienic. In NYC, because of the health concerns, all the sushi restaurants are banned from using wooden cutting boards and are only allowed to use boards made of the same material. Unlike wooden boards, which will dish easily over time, these boards will be flat for a long time. While it is dense, it is still made of rubber that will actually hold the edge of your knife longer. K&S is also able to provide flattening service for these type of pro grade boards.

The Ueda boards are softer compared to the more common Asahi boards, which IMO gives better feedback and more gentle to the edge. Before I start carrying them, I got a few boards as samples to ask my chef friends to test them; I also used one in a few trade shows to hear opinions; the feedback was extremely positive hence the decision to formally carry them at K&S.


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