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Hatsukokoro STRIX Damascus Gyuto 240mm

K&S Exclusive!

Knives and Stones is excited to be the global launch partner of the all new Hatsukokoro STRIX line. The STRIX is a brand new stainless powdered steel from Takefu Super Steel, with rated hardness of up to HRC65. The steel is not only hard, but more importantly, it provides excellent Kireaji (切味, or the "Cutting Taste"). It is also incredibly easy to sharpen: in my test it is almost as easy to sharpen as VG10 and SG2. This line of knife has a convex grind and is very thin behind the edge. For the 210mm Gyuto, the thickness behind the edge averages between 1.1mm to 1.3mm, which I consider it as a balanced thin grind: it penetrates a potato while providing very good food release.