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Sukenari(佑成), a brand with a trademark written in two Kanji, one is "to support" or can be broken down to "human and its right side", the other one is "become, achieve). According to the current Representative Director Nobuo Hanaki, this name is filled with the desire of making product that will become an inseparable part in the right hand of those who cook.

Eversince the founding of the company in Showa 8th(1933), Sukenari have been renowned for its products utilizing the hardest manufacturing technique of Honyaki. This applies not only to the traditional carbon steel, but also to modern stainless alloy steels, or even powder metallurgy steels. It is quite safe to say Sukenari, is one of the most, if not the most pioneering Japanese company in terms of new steel selection, with glorious track records of forging with steels never seen on any other kitchen knives.

Est. / Born: 1933
Location: Toyama