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Yoshikazu Ikeda

Yoshikazu Ikeda, born in 1946, is a renowned Japanese kitchen knife craftsman and the top blacksmith in Sakai, a city famous for its traditional knife-making. He and his late brother, Tatsuo Ikeda, are especially famous for their expertise in crafting honyaki knives, which are considered the pinnacle of Japanese kitchen knives. With a career spanning decades, Ikeda has mastered the art of forging high-quality kitchen knives, blending traditional techniques with modern innovations. He is celebrated for his meticulous craftsmanship, producing blades known for their sharpness, durability, and exquisite finish. Ikeda's knives are highly sought after by professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts worldwide. His dedication to his craft has earned him a prestigious reputation, making him a pivotal figure in preserving and advancing Sakai's knife-making heritage.

Master Ikeda is the main blacksmith for Yoshihiro (义弘) and Ninohi (子の日).

Est. / Born: 1946
Location: Sakai