GreenBell Nail Clipper with Catcher (Medium Size) QQ-101
GreenBell Nail Clipper with Catcher (Medium Size) QQ-101
GreenBell Nail Clipper with Catcher (Medium Size) QQ-101
GreenBell Nail Clipper with Catcher (Medium Size) QQ-101
GreenBell Nail Clipper with Catcher (Medium Size) QQ-101

GreenBell Nail Clipper with Catcher (Medium Size) QQ-101

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This nail clipper has a catcher to prevent nails from flying off.
Also, its back has a nail file.
Product number: QQ-101
Size: L89 mm  50 g 
  • Nail clipper-Carbon steel, Chrome plating
  • Catcher-Polypropylene resin
  • File-Etched stainless steel

GreenBell is arguably one of the most famous Japanese manufacturers in grooming and sharp kitchen tools. The company is based in Seki Japan, the most famous sharp tools center in Japan. The Takumi-no-waza nail clippers are sold in most of the souvenir shops, 

I also discovered GreenBell via their nail clippers when I was visiting Japan for the first time, and the clipper that I bought was so sharp and lasts forever! I am very greatful that I can introduce their products to you. 

The home city of renowned craftsman, Seki City in Gifu Prefecture. Even today, experienced craftsmanship is still being passed down.
In ancient times, swordsmiths moved to Seki City during the Muromachi Period and the history of Seki blades goes back to the beginning of making bamboo swords. With the motto, “No snapping, No bending, and Cut well”, the name has spread across the country and been supporting the Japanese industry of blades for over 700 years. The industry of blades in Seki City began with swordsmiths. The products made by years of tradition and modern technology has a variety of items such as kitchen knives, scissors, razors, nail clippers, knives, and so on. The power of the brand with an origin in blades, which exports to the world, still wins admiration widely now.
Made In Seki

World-class blades from Seki City
As “The three major origins of blades in the world”, Seki City in Japan is ranked with Solingen in Germany and Sheffield in England. For the quality supported by history and traditions, Seki City gains a high reputation both home and abroad. Seki City that has developed as a world brand has three important conditions for making blades. One is the origin of abundant water in the River Nagara, another is the coalmine for hardening, and the last is its reddish soils. The industry is modernized now, but the rich natural environment such as water, mountains, and soils is still supporting the industry of blades.

With the inheritance of long standing traditional techniques.
The blades of Seki City are known as “No snapping, No bending, and Cut well” and the representatives of swordsmiths during the Age of Civil Wars were the Kanemoto, Kanesada, and Kanefusa. They left many famous items in our time. Especially, the blades, which were appreciated by many military commanders such as Shingen Takeda and Hideyoshi Toyotomi, have a high reputation as the best goods which cut clearly the best. The skill which created such a breathtaking edge has been passed down from generation to generation in Seki City and as the city of blades which has the highest blade production in Japan, Seki City is still often acclaimed as best in the world. Also, historic “Seki City traditional Japanese forging” has still been taken over and keeping to the skill and tradition by swordsmiths in Seki.

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