Premium Binchotan Japanese White Charcoal Kishu Region (紀州備長炭) 2KG
Premium Binchotan Japanese White Charcoal Kishu Region (紀州備長炭) 2KG
Premium Binchotan Japanese White Charcoal Kishu Region (紀州備長炭) 2KG

Premium Binchotan Japanese White Charcoal Kishu Region (紀州備長炭) 2KG

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Premium Binchotan Japanese White Charcoal Kishu Region (紀州備長炭) 2KG, authentic Japanese white charcoal from Kishu (Wakayama). The premium verison and regular version are from the same maker, only difference is that each charcoal block of premium version is a lot bigger, resulting in a even more steady heat release. 


There is Japanese Binchotan, and there is Kishu Binchotan. Kishu is the reigon where Binchotan was originally made. Japan produces 1800 tons of Binchotan annually, yet only 3% is from Kishu. It is so premium that there is a movement to distinglish Kishu Binchotan from others (from Japan), per Wikipeida.

The quality of Kishu Binchotan is considered superior than other regions and command a hefty premium as well. K&S, through is strong channels, is able to secure a small quantity of Kishu Binchotan for the Australian market. 

This video below shows how the Kishu Binchotan is made. Note that our Kishu Binchotan has the identical packaging as the ones in the video. 

K&S Kishu Binchotan

(Kishu Binchotan, K&S stock, Sydney)


What is Binchotan

Binchotan (備長炭), also known as Japanese white charcoal, is considered the most premium charcoal used for traditional cooking. It is produced using Japanese Ubame oak trees in a special Bincho Klin at around 1000 degrees Celsius, for up to 14 days. A very time-consuming process. 

The resulting charcoal is almost 100% carbon, Binchotan therefore producing very little smoke when burning, and leaving little ash and have a special metallic sound when tapping together. It is able to produce a very high heat (about 1200 degrees) and maintain a steady heat release for serval hours. Pure (without odour), high heat and long-lasting heat release really brings out the favour of the food, as a result, Binchotan is loved by top Japanese Yakitori restaurants. 

The total production of Binchotan in Japan is about 1800 tons per year. Consumers should pay attention to those non-authentic “Binchotan” produced outside of Japan with timber other than Ubame Oak using non-traditional techniques. Such charcoal cannot produce enough heat and burns out very quickly.



  • Due to its high hardness, it is quite hard to light up the charcoal. It is advised to first light up the charcoal on a gas burner before transferred into the grill.
  • Use outdoors or in a well ventilated area
  • The charcaol will light up for hours, please make sure the fire is fully extinglished after use. 


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