Cabbage Salad Shredder Lite - Cabetsukun by Chiba Kogyosyo

Cabbage Salad Shredder Lite - Cabetsukun by Chiba Kogyosyo

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Dedicated cabbage shredder. The cabbage salad shredder by Chiba can turn a half cabbage into finely sliced salad very quickly. Saving a lot of time in a home / commercial kitchen. This is the lite version that strikes a great balance between price and performance. 

Weight 1.8KG
Volume 240cm x 220cm x 300cm
Accessory Replacement blades
Maximum Capacity 22cm diameter
Thickness 0 ~ 2.5mm





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About Chiba Industries

Chiba Kogyosyo (千葉工業所 Chiba Industries) is the leading professioanl kitchen slicer maker in Japan. Based in Chiba Prefecture, they are the original creator of many slicing and turning kitchen tools, such as the famous Tsumataro that is an essential tool for every professional Japanese kitchen. 

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