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Sakai Takayuki

Sakai is the largest knife making region of professional single bevel knives, with over 600 years of knife making history. Sakai Takayuki stands out as the largest brand in the region. These knives, celebrated for their precision slicing and unparalleled sharpness, cater to professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts who demand the highest quality. At the heart of Sakai Takayuki's operations is the Sanbo Factory, a dedicated hand forge knife plant. Contrary to the notion of it being a place of innovation, the Sanbo Factory is focused on the traditional art of knife-making, where skilled artisans employ time-honored techniques to create knives that are both functional and beautiful.

Adding to the brand's allure are collaborations with famed Sakai craftsmen like Itsuo Doi, who works exclusively for Sakai Takayuki. Doi's contributions exemplify the brand's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Est. / Born: 1947
Location: Sakai