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Yu Kurosaki

Yu Kurosaki, a master artisan in his forties, is renowned in Japanese knife making for his hand-forged blades, earning him awards and global recognition. His journey began in his teenage years, and after a twelve-year apprenticeship under Hiroshi Kato, he established his own workshop in 2014. Kurosaki excels not only in craftsmanship but also in innovative finishing techniques, notably seen in his Tsuchime and Suminagashi finishes. Recognized by the Japanese government as a “master blacksmith,” he is the youngest to receive this title. Highly esteemed for his unconventional blade designs, Kurosaki consistently surprises observers with each new creation. By blending modern metallurgical technologies with traditional forging methods, his knives boast unmatched quality, sharpness, and performance, cementing his status as a leading figure in the industry.

Est. / Born: 2014
Location: Takefu