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Syousin Blue Frost Honyaki

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The Syousin Blue Frost is a line of Blue 1 Mizu-Honyaki knives forged and sharpened by two of the best masters from Sakai, Japan: Kenji Togashi and Hirosugu Tosa. This is a custom line co-developed between Aoki Hamono and Knives and Stones, with the emphasis on top level fit and finish; it is also easily maintained with half mirror finish (Yanagiba) or non-mirror finish (Gyuto). The Blue Frost also comes with the most high-end octagonal handles that Knives and Stones has to offer, making the Blue Forst so unique that it is unrivaled by any other Japanese knife vendors. 

I am proud to call the Syousin Blue Frost the flagship offering from Knives and Stones. 

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