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Syousin Sakura

Syousin Sakura

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The Sakura line is the a first truly custom line that I worked with Aoki Hamono (Sakai Takayuki) to design something that we, the KKF knifenuts, would really appreciate. In the case of the Sakura, it is forged by Mr. Suogo Yamatuka and sharpened by Mr. Norikatsu Nishimura. Both of them are part the elite group (currently less than 30) of the Dentou Kougeishi (Traditional Skilled Craftsman, 伝統工芸士). The result is a perfectly forged Blue 2 Kasumi blade shipped with a really nice profile: 3.6 to 4mm above heel at spine and with a very nice distal taper to the tip; also it is extremely thin behind the edge. 

In terms of F&F for the Sakura, polished spine and choil come standard; more importantly, a beautifully crafted octagonal handle with sliver spacer is also part of the game. In fact, I really like this handle design, which I think is a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance, so I have made a decision that this type of handle will become the standard of all the future Syousin knives. Not to mention that knife ships with a beautifully hand sewn knife pouch and a wooden presentation box. 

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