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Myojin Riki  |  SKU: MYNG-RBDMB2-GY210BF

Myojin x Nigara Blue 2 Rainbow Damascus Gyuto 210mm Heart Shaped Handle

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Care Instruction
  1. Don't cut hard things! Japanese knives are brittle so bone hacking is a NO NO!
  2. Wash with netural detergent after use, and wipe dry;
  3. Please don't wash knife with dishwasher, it will damage the wood handle;
  4. Be careful not to leave the knife close to a heat source for a long time;
  5. It is a lot more dangerous to cut with a blunt knife than a sharp knife!
  6. It is best to sharpen a Japanese knife regularly on a waterstone.
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Myojin Riki

Myojin x Nigara Blue 2 Rainbow Damascus Gyuto 210mm Heart Shaped Handle


Nigara X Myojin Rainbow Damascus Gyuto. Nigara, based in the city of Hirosaki, is getting very popular with their highly skilled raindrop Anmon damascus pattern. Naohito Myojin is famous for his work as the sharpener of Konosuke's Fujiyama series and Tetsujin's TanRyuSen series. His knives cuts exceptionally well with great F&F. 

This exclusive project brings two of the most popular makers together. We chose the popular Rainbow damascus (Copper / Brass stainless damascus cladding) with Blue 2  high carbon core steel. It is highly functional and visually appealing.


Nigara Hamono

Based in the small yet beautiful city of Hirosaki in the northern prefecture of  Aomori, Nigara hamono has been making samurai swords for 350 yearas, with master Kunitoshi  (國俊) being one of the most famous sword smith in his generation. Now headed by  the 9th generation mastersmith Tsuyoshi Yoshizawa (吉澤 剛), Nigara is becoming very popular thanks of its exquisite forging skills and second to none quality control. 

Myojin Riki

Naohito Myojin (明神 直人) is a young sharpener based in Kochi prefecture. While his workshop Myojin Riki Seisakusho is probably not as famous as the established brands from Sakai and Echizen, he is the sharpener behind some of the very famous knife lines in the industry; noteabley the Tetsujin brand and the 'Fujiyama' line by Konosuke. 

Naohito Myojin Sharpening


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