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Hatsukokoro Kurokaze

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The new Hatsukokoro White 2 Kurouchi Stainless Clad Gyuto reminds me the old version Mazaki gyuto: both are tall blades, with fat tang, and most importantly, amazing performance. 

Unlike the Mazaki with soft iron cladding that is hard to look after in the kitchen, the Hatsukokoro Kurokaze has stainless clad for easy maintenance, while its White 2 steel core provides excellent edge retention, ultimate sharpness, and ease in sharpening.

Its Kurouchi finish with raw, organic, and distinctive appearance provides the natural characteristics of the steel, showcases the craftsmanship behind the knife, and adds a touch of traditional elegance to the blade.

In all, the Hatsukokoro Kurokaze White 2 gyuto offers superior performance and great price. The tall heel and thick spine make it a choice as a sturdy workhorse. 

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