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Hidetoshi Nakayama

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I met Nakayama-san during the 2015 Seki Knife Show. I was immediately attracted by his unique designs of his bolt action pens and his unmatched skill on his metal carvings. All of his work is handcrafted one-by-one by himself at his workshop in Yokohama, Japan. Even as a kitchen knife vendor, I was deeply in love of his work so after the end of the show, I ordered a few pens from him, and now two of my EDC items are his key ring and his copper bolt action pen.

Because Nakayama-san’s work is crafted using traditional methods (mills, lathe instead of CNC machines) to an unmatched level of detail and accuracy, his work is becoming super popular and stock is hard to come by these days. No matter how much stock he brings to the knife show, it always goes out in the first day. He already stopped accepting new vendors this year and Knives and Stones is proud to be his authorized dealer in Australia.

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