Naniwa 1K, 3K, 8K Japanese Waterstone Set

Naniwa 1K, 3K, 8K Japanese Waterstone Set

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Similar to the 800, 2K and 5K combo. This set is a more appropriate progression than the 1K, 5K and 8K combo. It has about 3x the grit jump, great for kitchen knife users. 

The Chosera is now a Japanese Domestic Market product only. It is is essentially the same as the PRO line (colour is identical between the Chosera and PRO, speed and feedback is also idencitcal) but thicker and comes with a Nagura (flattening stone), it represent a much better value than the new PRO, that is why the Japanese keeps the Chosera for their domestic market but not the PRO.  K&S is determined to bring you the best from Japan.

The Chosera (Cho: Super; Sera: Ceramic) stones are the best ceramic stones offered by Naniwa. These stones are designed for professionals who put the highest daily demands on their knives. Overall, these stones are best for those who don't have a lot of time to spend and need to quickly and cleanly sharpen their knives. Every Chosera sharpening stone is delivered with a special Nagura stone (67 x 49 x 25 mm) to put a fine sharpening paste on the surface of the Chosera stones during use. This 400 grit is excellent for establishing a new bevel angle or removing chips from the blade. Naniwa claims these are splash-and-go stones, but users say that soaking for a few minutes can further improve the sharpening quality.

  • 1000 Grit: medium stone, starting point of a regular sharpening session.
  • 3000 Grit: medium fine stone, used as finishing stone for most of the kitchen knives.
  • 8000 Grit: one of the best fine grit stones out there, polishing stone for kitchen knives and pre-finishing stone for tools or razors. 

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