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Nigara  |  SKU: NG-ANSG2DM-YA300

Nigara Anmon Ginsan Damascus K-tipYanagiba 300 mm with Heart Shape Handle

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Detailed Specifications
Weight 307 g        10.83 oz
Edge Length 267 mm   .10.51 inch
Width @ Spine 4.7 mm     0.19 inch
Width @ Mid 3.9 mm     0.15 inch
Width @ 1cm from Tip 1.3 mm     0.05 inch
Hardness (HRC)
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Care Instruction
  1. Don't cut hard things! Japanese knives are brittle so bone hacking is a NO NO!
  2. Wash with netural detergent after use, and wipe dry;
  3. Please don't wash knife with dishwasher, it will damage the wood handle;
  4. Be careful not to leave the knife close to a heat source for a long time;
  5. It is a lot more dangerous to cut with a blunt knife than a sharp knife!
  6. It is best to sharpen a Japanese knife regularly on a waterstone.
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  • Steel:



    Hardness: -

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  • Construction:

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  • Finish:

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Nigara Anmon Ginsan Damascus K-tipYanagiba 300 mm with Heart Shape Handle



The Nigara Ginsan Anmon Damascus features Nigara's signature Anmon: etched black ringdrop damascus pattern, while the forged Ginsan steel gives great cutting feel, nice edge retention and cutting feel.


Nigara Hamono is gaining a lot of popularity recently, thanks to their superior cutting performance, great artistics and more than reasonable pricing. At the moment, the most popular line by Nigara is their Kurouchi SG2 line, featuring rustic hand forged Kurouchi hammered pattern, high performances Super Gold 2 powdered steel by Takefu Special Steel, with a comfortable price range between $300 to $500 range.

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