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Yoshihiro  |  SKU: YH-B2SANMAI-GY240

Yoshihiro Blue 2 Kasumi Gyuto 240mm Old Stock

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Detailed Specifications
Profile Gyuto / Chefs Knife
Edge Length 223 mm   .8.78 inch
Heel Height 49 mm     .1.93 inch
Width @ Spine 3.4 mm     0.13 inch
Width @ Mid 2.2 mm     0.09 inch
Width @ 1cm from Tip 2.1 mm     0.08 inch
Steel Blue 2 / Aogami #2 | Carbon
Hardness (HRC) 61 - 63
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Care Instruction
  1. Don't cut hard things! Japanese knives are brittle so bone hacking is a NO NO!
  2. Wash with netural detergent after use, and wipe dry;
  3. Please don't wash knife with dishwasher, it will damage the wood handle;
  4. Be careful not to leave the knife close to a heat source for a long time;
  5. It is a lot more dangerous to cut with a blunt knife than a sharp knife!
  6. It is best to sharpen a Japanese knife regularly on a waterstone.
  7. Oil the (carbon) knife if storing for an extended period of time to prevent rust.
  • Profile: Gyuto

    Chefs Knife

    A Japanese chef's knife is known as a gyuto (牛刀 ぎゅうとう) gyūtō?), literally meaning 'beef knife'. Its blade resembles a flatter version of a French chef's knife. Japanese cutlery is known for sharpness due to its acute blade geometry, and the hardness of the steel used, sometimes exceeding 60 HRC on the Rockwell Scale A typical western chef's knife may be sharpened to an edge angle of 20-22°, while a Japanese gyuto generally has a sharper edge angle of 15-18° (or even lower), which requires a harder, more brittle grade of steel. In recent years Japanese gyuto have gained in popularity with western chefs.

    A modern chef's knife is a multi-purpose knife designed to perform well at many differing kitchen tasks, rather than excelling at any one in particular. It can be used for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and disjointing large cuts.

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  • Steel: Blue 2 / Aogami #2

    Blue Steel No.2, also recognized as Aogami No.2, is a distinguished high carbon steel produced by Hitachi Metals Ltd, enhanced by the addition of chromium and tungsten to the base of White Steel No.2. This modification brings about an improvement in toughness and the creation of hard carbide molecules, which significantly boost edge retention. Although its sharpness is comparable to that of White Steel No.2, Blue Steel No.2 offers a slight advantage in maintaining its edge.

    Widely favored for its versatility, Aogami No.2 is celebrated for its ease of sharpening and robust resistance to chipping, making it an ideal choice for those new to Aogami steel knives. Containing 1.0–1.2% carbon and achieving a typical hardness of 62–63 HRC on the Rockwell scale, it stands as the benchmark in evaluating Aogami steel cutlery.


    • Hitachi Special Steel, Japan

    Nature: Carbon

    Hardness: 61- 63

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  • Construction:

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  • Finish:

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  • Handle Specs



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Yoshihiro Blue 2 Kasumi Gyuto 240mm Old Stock

A classic Sakai cutter! A few years back, I was lucky enough to obtain a batch of NOS (New Old Stock) blue 2 gyuto from Yoshihiro when I was visiting them. Accordingly to Mr Yamawaki himself, this batch has been sitting there for quite a few years. Since I have had this batch for a few years now, it is safe to say this batch has been forged for more than 10 (possibly more than 15) years now. As of the performance, this is a classic thin grind Sakai kasumi Gyuto. The easilest direct comparision is the older Blue 2 Gyuto by Mizuno Tanranjo. The way it penetrates through potato is extremely smootm. Edge is straight and stable, and has a very decent height. I am very happy with the performance of the knife, and also because this is a one-off offer, I have decided to give the knife a K&S touch: pairing it with the K&S Starry handle and wenge hardwood saya. Enjoy :)
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