Atoma Diamond Plate 1200 Grit
Atoma Diamond Plate 1200 Grit

Atoma Diamond Plate 1200 Grit

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Measurement: 210mm x 75mm


Manufactured by Tsuboman, the Atoma diamond plate is arguably the best diamond plate offerings with a reasonable budget.

Unique to Atoma, the diamond abrasive is electro-bonded to a thin layer of steel sheet, which is than taped to a 10mm aluminium base. In this way, the actual abrasive sheets are easily replaced, saving the cost of replacing the base and reduce shipping cost.

The diamond abrasive of the Atoma is deposited in an array of small dots which leaves plenty of spaces in between to allow water escape. This is particularly useful when used as a flattening stone, which often the diamond plate tends to get stuck to the waterstone.

I mainly use the Atoma as a flattening stone, and find it last much longer than a few of other diamond plates I use to have, particularly the DMT. While the diamond abrasive in the Atoma does wear off, but in a rate that is much slower than the DMT. It is as if the Atoma has a bit of thickness built into it while the DMT is just a very thin layer of abrasive.  I find the Atoma has a better overall performance and is better value for money.


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