Kameshima Japanese Hibachi Konro Grill
Kameshima Japanese Hibachi Konro Grill
Kameshima Japanese Hibachi Konro Grill
Kameshima Japanese Hibachi Konro Grill
Kameshima Japanese Hibachi Konro Grill

Kameshima Japanese Hibachi Konro Grill

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Small size hibachi grill, suits 1 to 2 people.  Made in Japan. 

The Kameshima grill is another type of popular Japanese hibachi grill. Very much like its bigger brothers, the Kameshima is also made with Diatom mud that is able to keep most of the intense heat produced by Binchotan. 

While not as "pretty" as their Okunoto siblings, the Kameshima is more economical. It is light, easily to carry around. I have one of these at home and use it a lot beacuse it require a lot less charcoal. The round shape design also works great with do-nabe or yukihira pots to make sukiyaki and other dishes. 

What is the hype? 

Measurement: 22cm (width) x 17cm (height)


Many of my customers asked me to get this grill for a long time and they are finally here!

Arguably the best Japanese Konro grill from Japan: the Oknoto konro grill is made with the diatom mud from the Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. The diatom mud is an excellent insulator, which is able to keep the heat within the grill therefore maintaining an extremely high temperature, an essential ingredient for a tasty barbe! More importantly, since the temperature can reach up to 1200 degrees, the natural diatom mud means no harmful substance can leak out from the walls, unlike grills made of unknown material that can process harmful inclusions.

The narrow body of the grill allows the yakitori skewers to be rested on the walls of the grill without falling down.


Natural Japanese Diatom Mud


  • Please use the grill in well ventilated areas to avoid potential carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Please place a heat resistant mat under the grill to avoid heating up the surface underneath
  • Please do not extinguish the fire with water. Diatom mud absorbs water and becomes brittle and loses it durability.
  • It is possible to gently remove the ash and food residue, but please avoid washing the grill with water.

Warranty: replacement warranty for defective products upon delivery, but no warranty is provided for mishandling the grill.

Note: price is for Sydney / Melbourne / Brisnbane metro area only. Please email for a postage quote. Shipping to Australia ONLY.


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