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The Sentan Kaigann (灰岩, Gray Rock), is a line developed by K&S solely focused on bringing you Sanjo knives from makers that I personally like them a lot. The Kaigann may not be as famous as the likes of Shigefusa or Hinoura but they do perform extremely well. More importantly, these knives are extremely affordable (just like all of the K&S best-sellers). The introduction of Sentan label, along with the Wakui and Hinorua that we are already selling, means K&S has finally started to carry knives from all the major hand-made knife-making centers: Sakai, Takefu and Sanjo. We dare to say have all your knife buying needs covered

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  • Sentan Kaigann (仟锻·灰岩) SLD Semi-Stainless Nakiri 170mm
    Sentan Kaigann (仟锻·灰岩) SLD Semi-Stainless Nakiri 170mm
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