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Masamoto KK Kasumi (White 2)

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The Masamoto Shiro-ko Kasumi (正本 霞 • 玉白鋼): Forged with Hitachi Shiro-ko (White 2) steel and iron clad. With only carbon added, the white steel is the most pure form of steel allowing extreme sharpness yet very easy to sharpen. The KK line suits users with limited budget but still wanted the same cutting performance as the KS line, they are also great for beginners wanting to try out the traditional Japanese single bevel knives.

Masamoto Sohonten, the undisputed king of Japanese kitchen knives, has arrived at Knives and Stones. Started by Minosuke Matsuzawa in 1872, succeed by Kichizo Hirano in 1891, Masamoto Sohonten is now under the management of the 6th generation Masamoto: Masahiro Hirano. With almost 150 years of history, Masamoto Sohonten is recognized by almost every Japanese chef as the best kitchen knife brand in Japan.   

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